Network management tools allow us manage all of your IT network equipment

At AOR Information Technology Solutions we have an advanced network management software that allows us to easily manage all of your IT equipment and remotely use an network setup for your network. With this network management tool we can see each of your individual devices within your IT network. This helps us to efficiently monitor all of your devices at one time. Monitoring all devices simultaneously is effective because our staff members are able to locate an issue on any of the devices immediately. Because of this, we are able to resolve the issue sooner as well. Our network management software is an excellent tool designed to give you peace of mind knowing that all of your IT equipment in your network is being monitored 24/7 and any issues are being resolved quickly. This allows you to focus on managing your business instead of worrying about detrimental information technology problems slowing down your business. The number one cause of IT problems for small businesses is due to equipment neglect. Our software ensures that your IT devices are not neglected. We want to help you get the longest life out of each of your IT devices in your network.

network manager

Your small business will be assigned a network manager from our team

Unlike many other IT companies, each of our clients are assigned their very own network manager from our team. We do this so you can build up a relationship with this person and know who is monitoring your network devices. You will have peace of mind knowing that it’s not just some random person. We believe that proper network management is an important investment for small businesses. This is because information technology tools are expensive, so we want them to last you as long as possible. Working to resolve issues as soon as they come up helps to prevent large IT problems in the future.

AOR has top-notch network management software for our clients

Here at AOR Information Technology Solutions, we offer the best network management software on the market. As our client, you will be assured that our network management system helps us protect your IT devices from problems such as hacking or viruses. Allowing us to monitor your IT equipment lets you worry less about IT problems and focus your full attention on growing your business. Don’t wait until a problem arises to get your systems checked. Save yourself time and money now by using our network management services.

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As a client of our network management system services, you will receive:

  • Full network management of all your IT devices
  • Top-notch network management system
  • Your very own assigned network manager
  • Peace of mind that your IT devices are cared for 
  • Longer IT equipment life span
  • Less worry about IT tools so you can focus more on your business
  • Around the clock network monitoring


Laura Blaney

AOR takes all the worry out of maintaining our computers. And that lets me focus on what I do best, building my business.

Morrie Feinman

Alex is an expert in the world of IT planning, problem solving and implementation of continuous improvement. "He developed and supported all Information Technology for the organization. With over half the workforce, working at remote offices and on the road, we needed technology that would allow us to use a custom Software called Boss from anywhere. Alex kept the remote workers being able to achieve this with the latest technology while maintaining costs within a budget.

Anthony Girifalco

I strongly recommend Alex Raginsky and AOR Consulting. I've known Alex for nearly twenty years, both as a DVIRC employee in charge of all our IT requirements, and then as an outsourced consultant handling our hardware, software and systems. His knowledge of networks, systems integration, local and remote access configurations, security, and multiple network platforms is based on years of experience here and in the field. Alex can quickly understand complex situations and solve business problems with first-rate analytical skills and a broad and deep knowledge of systems and software solutions. 

His customer service is second to none and he was always a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend AOR Consulting. 

Mae O'Brien, CFRE

Alex and his team provide fantastic service to HealthLink. They are detail-oriented and pro-active in their management of our IT needs.  Alex believes in HealthLink's mission and supports our endeavors to provide the best services for our patients. He is a valued consultant and committed to the health care sector. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Dr. Howard Edelman

AOR handles all of our computer issues. They’re just like having an in-house IT department; reliable and always available!

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